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I love talking about Jesus with God's people.
Banquets . . . Luncheons . . . Retreats . . .
Let me tailor a presentation for your event.

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Pamela Gilbreath, 140 E Stetson Avenue #105, Hemet, CA 92543
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Pamela Gilbreath
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What others are saying.... 
     "...a natural in front of an audience
     and a pleasure to watch."   
                                                --David Macy-Beckwith
     "Pam delivers a powerful, uplifting and
     hopeful message in an intriguing and caring
     manner. We need more speakers like her.
                                                     --Patty Anderson
    Pamela is a creative and talented writer,
    effective communicator, and servant of
    Jesus Christ..." 
-- The Rev. Gene Haraldsen

     "...is an articulate and skilled communicator
     whose words and deeds exemplify her
     humble servant's heart and reflect God's
     presence in her life."
                                                         --Vicki Marlow
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Photo of Pamela Speaking