In each of Pamela's presentations there are invariably delightful turns of phrase which bring a
    smile. Her topics are informative and thought-provoking, presented with passion and generous
    helpings of humor.                                             --David Macy-Beckwith, Toastmaster's International
    Pam radiates the light and love of Jesus! I compare her faith to a warm, enveloping, soft and
    well-worn comforter.                                                                                                     --Vicki Marlow
    Skillful and knowledgeable in sharing God's word and love with others, Pamela is compassionate,
    and willing to share in another person's grief.             --Chaplain Bill Hard, Palomar Medical Center
    Pamela is a creative and talented writer, effective communicator, and servant of Jesus Christ,
    yet she is humble and a joy to be around. A mature Christian, Pam is honest, trustworthy, and
    allows the message of the Bible to govern her life. It is my pleasure to recommend
    Pam Gilbreath to you.                                                                                --The Rev. Gene Haraldsen
    To leave comments on a recent presentation by Pamela, please go to our contact page and fill out the
    contact form. Your comments are appreciated.

-- Testimonials -- 

Colossians 1:27
Photo of Pamela Speaking

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