-- Writing --
The Preacher's Promise
by Pamela Gilbreath

Book One
The Call of the Horizon
    The Rev. Arthur Marsh is a fake. The former Indian fighter, brawler, and veteran of the Battle of San
    Jacinto has convinced his congregation that he is a man of God. Then a young, raven-haired stranger
    named Rachel collapses in his arms, and on one sweltering Texas morning, everything changes. While
    the town whispers about the woman’s morals, Arthur longs to marry her and offer her unborn child his
    name, but his secret past looms large, demanding his silence.

    Rachel is utterly alone. Expecting a child and on the run with no place to go, she dreams of staying
    in the tiny Texas town and near the preacher. But what if he discovers her past? Will the Rev.
    Arthur Marsh turn her in?
Off the Caprock in West Texas

    Two wounded souls, each pummeled with guilt,
    visited by violence and self-loathing. Must they
    endure their sorrows for a lifetime?

-- Writing --
Colossians 1:27
Photo of Pamela Speaking

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